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Sarah Rand, Licensed Certified Massage Therapist (LCMT)

Sarah RandSarah Rand, LCMT, is a massage therapy enthusiast who has been learning about and practicing the holistic healing art of massage for over 20 years. She found and interest in massage as a teenager, and has been passionately learning and practicing,(initially as a student), her favorite pastime ever since.

While serving in the National Guard for over 21 years, she also studied and practiced massage part time. Six of the 21 years served were in a medical unit as an administrator which required extensive knowledge of medical terminology, medical practices, and the human body. Skills she utilized while also holistically easing the aches and pains of fellow military members through massage therapy.

Throughout her life Sarah has been told that she would make a great massage therapist due to her strength, calm nature, knowledge of the human body, and natural ability to give a great massage. She became certified at Nashua Community College after studying under Bob Adams, PhD, a well known and respected therapist. She then became licensed in 2010 and Nationally Certified by NCBTMB.

"My mission is to offer a massage that can help anyone, even some of the most challenging clients, such as those with Fibromyalgia and PTSD."

By focusing on the holistic aspect of massage, Sarah will work out knots much more effectively than hands alone can do. She has developed new techniques that have brought relief to people who have been unable to find it anywhere else. We make sure to address each clients' needs individually and look forward to working with you!

What Others are Saying

"I first met Sarah one day when I dropped my wife off at her hair dressers. Sarah had just set up her massage practice, and I was one of her first clients that very day. And, I’d like to say, I’m glad I was as I’ve been going back to her every 4-6 weeks. While I can’t speak for any of her other clients, I have found Sarah to be very attuned to my “aches and pains” and she works very diligently to make my massage pleasant and productive. Most of the other massage therapists that I have frequented appear to be very “clinical.” They provide a good massage, but they don’t make me feel as calm and relaxed afterwards as Sarah. Sarah works to create a soothing atmosphere through her decorations, music, lighting, heat, and aromatherapy. She appears to genuinely care for the needs of her clients, and has modified the massage to accommodate my needs. So, if you are interested in a massage therapist who listens to her client and strives to provide the best massage possible, I highly recommend that you contact Sarah as soon as possible and book yourself a session immediately. "


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