Dear Sarah

You gave me another great massage today. You worked the knots out of my neck muscles and I'm feeling great. I think I'll have to start calling you the Muscle Whisperer. You certainly do seem to communicate with them.

I also wanted to tell you how happy I've been with your therapy. Before my first session with you I had tried other therapists. Even after explaining the particularly sensitive areas in my back that needed work done, they simply went through their general "feel good" routine. That was nice, but I left their spa with my back issue unresolved

You, to my great relief, gave a great soothing massage in general AND found the knots that needed to be excised. I've felt better since that first session. I should also point out that I had just finished a dozen sessions with a physical therapist. They focused on having me do exercises that just weren't helping. We had come to the conclusion that soft tissue manipulation was what I needed. You proved that to be the case. After just one session with you, my back was relaxed and I had my flexibility back.

I, however, keep doing the things that bring the knots back and add more in different spots. Lately I've been painting my house; going up and down ladders; working in odd positions, sometimes stretching repetitively overhead, others stooped over on my hands and knees, for extended periods of time, trying to reach all of the spots that need painting; and generally exercising muscles I forgot I had. At our last session my calves were sore, this time it was my feet, arms, and neck. Well, they were all knotted up, but not anymore!

Thank-you again!

Hudson, NH

After many years of working behind the chair as a Stylist there are issues with neck back and legs that NO other massage therapist has ever been able to address as completely as Sarah. I have spent many many hours on the table and spent Hundreds of dollars over the years to no avail. Sarah's knowledge and technique combined has brought me relief that is instant as well as long lasting; I have never experienced this relief before. I am beyond grateful for the benefits of her deep tissue/swedish combination technique. She listens to my direction of problem areas and addresses them perfectly. You would be hard pressed to find a better fit for your needs. Thank you Sarah for expertise, professionalism and flexability. See you soon.

Nashua, NH

Sarah gives me just the kind of massage I need! She is able to penetrate deep into my muscles and relieve tension. She works with grace and passion. She stays focused on the massage the entire time. At no time did I ever feel rushed or like her mind was drifting away from the massage. She uses techniques I have never experienced before, and listens to my every concern. The combination of her attention, commitment, and skill makes her truly exceptional!

Nashua, NH

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